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Online Writing Lab

The Online Writing Lab is open each term from week 2 through Monday of finals week.

When you submit your writing to the OWL, you will

a) first receive an automated email confirming that we have received your writing, and you will
b) receive a second email after we've scheduled someone to respond to your writing. This second email will contain the date and time when we expect to respond to your submission.

Please understand that the second email is not automated but generated by a real person during normal working hours.

This system will help us manage the high volume of OWL submissions we receive and will let you, the writer, know when you can expect to receive your response and help you better plan your revision strategy.


The Writing Center

The Online Writing Lab allows you to send your writing project to a writing assistant who will provide you with feedback on content areas of your paper such as focus, organization, support, development of ideas, clarity, and writing style. The writing assistant will describe areas working well in your writing as well as areas you could focus on during your revision process. Through generative questions, the writing assistant will help you think through this revision process and possibilities for improving your writing. The writing assistant will not provide feedback on sentence-level issues like grammar or syntax but will instead focus on changes to content that can be made prior to the editing and polishing stage of your writing process.

We will notify you as soon as possible when we expect to respond to your submission. Keep in mind that submissions which are received over the weekend or during especially busy periods (dead week and finals week) may take longer to schedule. The Online Writing Lab is closed over winter vacation and during spring break.

Note: All users of the OSU Online Writing Lab must have browser cookies enabled and should have JavaScript enabled as well. You should also note that OSU students, staff, and faculty have higher priority when we schedule Online Writing Lab submissions. If you are a member of the OSU community, please click the ONID link below. We are sorry, but we are no longer accepting online writing lab submissions from non-OSU community members.

Click here to login to ONID and submit your writing.
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